quality management system


GR8-Consulting offers you a custom-made Quality Management System (QMS) through knowledge, experience and tools to help you manage your organization’s business processes.

QMS offers solutions to:

  • draft a quality manual;
  • develop quality control processes and procedures;
  • review the current policies and procedures;
  • manage and control documentation;
  • conduct internal quality management system audits;
  • ensure ISO 9001 certification audit readiness.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of the client, based on the most suitable product. For every product the approach has a Preparation, a QMS Development & Implementation and a Wrap up phase. Optional phase is the QMS Certification phase.

Our Deliverables

GR8-Consulting offers you the following products to achieve a QMS in accordance to your company’s vision, mission and business goals.

  • QMS from scratch to implementation, plus periodic optimization
    From the Preparation phase to the Aftercare phase.
  • QMS from scratch to implementation
    From the Preparation phase to the Wrap up phase.
  • QMS optimization
    From the Preparation phase to the Wrap up phase in a shorter term as business processes
    are already documented and just need optimization.


Essential to this phase is the collection of available and relevant information on the organization to perform a fit gap analysis.

qms development & implementation

Essential to this phase are:

  • review of the current policies and procedures.
  • drafting of a quality manual.
  • developing or optimizing policies, procedures and forms.
  • implementation of developed products.

wrap up

Essential to this phase are:

  • conduct an internal quality management system audit.
  • if applicable, apply for the official quality management system certification audit.

qms certification

Essential to this phase are:

  • an official quality management system certification audit by a certified third party.
  • granting of the quality management system certification.

project management, advisory & support

During the whole period we will manage your project, based on PRINCE2, including advise and providing support in each phase.

Continuous improvement

The GR8-Consulting approach to the implementation of QMS focuses on the principles of “continuous improvement”. The aspect of continuous improvement in QMS puts the spotlight on:

  • You want to make sure that the project sticks closely to its time schedule;
  • continuously understand and adapting to customer needs;
  • optimizing organizational performance;
  • continuous learning from mistakes and fixing root cause of bottlenecks;
  • continuously improving systems and processes;
  • motivating every level to be responsible for continuous improvement.





The implementation of QMS is based on several best practices, such as: