we are diverse and span across many industries

GR8-Consulting recognizes that you require experts that understand your specific market and business challenges. This is where GR8-Consulting adds value that translates your needs into successful results. While many consulting companies start implementing a ‘standard’ solution for your specific situation, we begin to analyze your situation in a structured way and collaborate with you to provide a custom specific solution and alternatives.

GR8-Consulting is a full service, management and Information Technology consulting firm providing results-oriented, value based services for the private and public sector. We operate in the following sectors:


We understand the processes and IT systems of the Central Banks and the Commercial Banks and the relationship between them. Is the Central bank chasing you, do you need some help to comply with the Central Bank? We could help you to put everything in place for you to comply with the rules and regulations in your financial institution. Our Project Management Framework covers ICT Governance, ICT Management, Project Management and much more methods and techniques to support you. Call us, to see how we can help you automate your periodicly RDS reporting.

Retail, Wholesale & Export

We understand that as a retailer or wholesale your supply chain is key. Buying and selling your consumer goods or services and maintaining an optimal product assortment impacts your profit, but so does your customer service. Let us help you develop or update your Strategic Retail Plan and see how we can expand your market through e-commerce and strengthen your B2C and B2B channels. If you want to spread your wings with exporting, let us provide you and Export plan and Guidance with the Statement of Origin Request.


We have gained a lot of experience in the chain of justice from the Court of Justice in the Dutch Caribbean to the Public Prosecutor, Police, Coast Guard and Immigration. We have developed an overview and the dependencies between these entities, their processes and IT Systems. With the latest technologies we can help optimize the chain of justice.


GR8-Consulting has the knowledge in house to developed and maintain Education Management Systems. And is also reseller of the Learning Management System, Sofia. We also provided guest lecturers to the local University. It is in this light we also gained experience in setting up the curriculum and developed courses. Where can we serve you?


In the insurance market we master the processes and the related ICT systems for Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Homeowners or Renters Insurance and Life Insurance. We are always looking for possibilities to improve the efficiency and productivity, do you also? Give us a call and see how we can achieve benefits together.

Public Services

We know government, in the past 12 years we have served 5 of the 9 ministries at Curacao. Besides of these Ministries we also served several Governmental Institutions or Foundations. These are the Ministries we have served: Ministry of Government Policy, Planning and Services Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Justice Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Traffic, Transport and urban Planning.

Security Exchange

Since we are the founders responsible to startup the DCSX we have gained a lot of experience and insights in Exchanges. By launching the Exchange in one year without experience and do the operations for more than two years, we can say that we could do it again somewhere else around the world, within one year and now with experience and best practices. Give us a call and we can show you our three year “Launch Your Own Exchange” turnkey project.

Software Development

Requirement analysis for new software from scratch versus maintenance and changes of current software. We at GR8-Consulting dominate the full spectrum of software development. From Initiation to Functional & Technical Designs, Development, Test Management, Delivery, Implementation and operations. If you prefer to buy an existing application we have the expertise to guide you with the Application Selection and Application Implementation.