business process management


GR8-Consulting offers you Business Process Management (BPM) through knowledge, experience and tools to help you manage your organization’s business processes.

BPM offers solutions to:

  • set up all management, operations, and supporting processes;
  • adapt processes to changing situations offering the ability to process more with less effort;
  • make process descriptions to monitor continuous improvement and focus on client requirements and client satisfaction meeting quality management system standards;
  • update obsolete business process and feel confident to be audited;
  • promote business effectiveness and efficiency to reduce time & costs, while striving for innovation to meet quality demanding customers.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of the client, based on the most suitable product. For every product the approach has a Preparation, a Business Process Modeling and a Wrap up phase. Optional phase is the Aftercare phase.

Our Deliverables

GR8-Consulting offers you the following products to achieve all of the above in accordance to your company’s vision, mission and business goals.

  • BPM from scratch to implementation, plus periodic optimization
    From the Preparation phase to the Aftercare phase.
  • BPM from scratch to implementation
    From the Preparation phase to the Wrap up phase.
  • BPM optimization
    From the Preparation phase to the Wrap up phase in a shorter term as business processes are already documented and just need optimization.


Essential to this phase is the collection of available and relevant information on the organization, information gathering.

Business Process Modeling

Essential to this phase are:

  • workshops with staff where the current (As-Is) workflows are discussed.
  • insightful sessions on how, when, why and by whom things are done.
  • the added value of workshops that serve as immediate eye-openers on existing bottlenecks by better understanding the operational.

Wrap up

Essential to this phase are:

  • offering of the final products .
  • check if the drafted business processes indeed match the vision of the organization.


Essential to this phase are:

  • optimization activities being outsourced to GR8-Consulting.
  • analysis of the feedback and results experienced with the executed business processes.

project management, advisory & support

During the whole period we will manage your project including advise and providing support in each phase, based on PRINCE2.

Continuous improvement

The GR8-Consulting approach to the implementation of BPM focuses on the principles of “continuous improvement”. The aspect of continuous improvement in BPM puts the spotlight on:

  • continuously understand and adapting to customer needs;
  • optimizing organizational performance;
  • continuous learning from mistakes and fixing root cause of bottlenecks;
  • continuously improving systems and processes;
  • motivating every level to be responsible for continuous improvement.





The implementation of BPM is based on several best practices, such as: